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Become the Blade Master!


Our entire product line is consistent of blades that are unique in material, form, and function.  All of our blades are designed and tested specifically for their intended function.  When using your Bite Blade, it is important to carefully select and manage the speed of your power oscillating tool. Every project is different, varying materials not only require the appropriate blade, but also require various speeds set on your tool to best achieve a perfect result. 


Not all power oscillating tools are created equal.  Oscillating power tools tested in our labs all varied in speed and torque.  Know your tool: high speed on one tool may be medium speed on another.  Always start your oscillating power tool at low speed and then increase the speed until you reach the optimal speed for your project.  Sometimes the highest speed does not yield the best result, creating extra fatigue and wear both on the tool, and on the blade. 


To ensure the best cutting efficiency and longest blade life, always use a side to side motion when cutting.  There is no need to force your power oscillating tool, let the blade do the work for you.