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The Bite Universal Blade will cut through over 350 nails without losing any of its cutting supremacy… watch the video to see a demonstration of the universal blade cut through multiple nails with ease.  We performed this demonstration with only one side of the double-sided blade, in a continuous effort, stopping shorty only to replace the oscillating tool, a Fein Multimaster 250Q that was beginning to overheat after 200 nails.  Of course in a real world situation, you would not need to cut through 350 nails in a continuous effort, this is an extreme test designed to prove how good Bite blades really are.



Bite UOM18

Thickness: 3/64"


Nails cut: 200

Fein® 6 35 02 151 01 8

Thickness: 2/64"


Nails cut: 100

Bosch® OFC118F

Thickness: 1/64"


Nails cut: 100 

Dremel® MM462

Thickness: 1/64"


Nails cut: 100

Porter-Cable® PC3012

Thickness: 2/64"


Nails cut: 100

Ridgid® A24JM01

Thickness: 2/64"


Nails cut: 37

All teeth remain intact, and sharp even after 200 nails.

All teeth remain intact, but have become blunt, some right down to the base after 100 nails.

Two teeth broken, rest of them have become blunt after 100 nails.

All teeth remain intact, but have become completely blunt after 100 nails.

Five teeth broken, rest of them have become blunt after 100 nails.

Multiple teeth broken, was unable to cut after 37 nails.

Individual results may vary



1. Double-Sided: 2 Blades in 1
Our patent-pending double-sided design allows Bite blades last twice as long: when one edge becomes dull, simply swap the arbor and use a new, fresh edge on the other side of the blade.  You get twice the value compared to the competition.


2. We Invented The Universal Arbor
Our patent-pending Universal Arbor can fit, with no loss of functionality, oscillating power tools’ receptacles from the major manufacturers.  The Universal Arbor is uniquely Bite Tools’ design, and requires no adaptors when porting from one device to another for most of the oscillating tool market including: Fein ®, Dremel ®, Bosch ®, Skil ®, Ryobi ®, Makita ®, Mastercraft ®, Craftsman ®, Milwaukee ®, Ridgid ® 

3. Thicker Blade
Bite Blades are exceptionally resilient due to their 3/64 inch thickness, up to 3 times the thickness of the competition. This results in extended life allowing you to cut longer without stopping to change your blade.  Lab results showed Bite Blades lasting up to 4 times longer than the competition.  The benefits are clear, longer life accessories equate to lower costs to you.


4. The Best High Speed Steel Available
M42 High Speed Steel (HSS) is the basis of all our Universal Blades’ teeth.  This high speed steel is exceptionally tough allowing for superior heat and wear resistance providing unparalleled cuts through the most challenging of materials. 

5. Reduced Vibration for Comfort and Accuracy
Bite Blades’ unique arc is specially designed to minimize vibration and noise for a smoother and quieter cut.  A smoother engagement results in straighter, more accurate cuts.  Needless to say, less vibration results in lesser wear and on the blade and on you.


6. Wavy-Set Hook Teeth
Our teeth are designed in a wavy-set formation that allow for the efficient removal of excess material as you cut.  Bite Blades’ teeth are hook-shaped in order to dig in and make a good cut without getting caught in the material.  This design speeds up your task and keeps your blade gliding through your target.  Together wavy-set and hook teeth yield impressive results.



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